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#JessicaBiel #BikiniBodyWorkouts - Work in the fitness industry has to be the worst job in the world when you're at a party full of people you do not know.

At least 75% of them will ask about how you can lose "this" or tighten up "here."

My favorite is when a woman of 187 pounds with a plate full of ointment, fatty foods ask me how to get a 'bikini' body like Jessica Biel.

Around the fourth question of this type usually they start watching the curtains and I wonder how long it will take to form a loop out of them and attach to the ceiling fan while praying to hold my weight.

Recently I was fortunate to have the extreme pleasure of being in this exact situation.

It could not have been happier (note the heavy sarcasm).

While browsing the selection of foods he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see my friend Heather.

"Hey Jay, I want you to meet Kristin. Jay is a personal trainer."

"They always say it's an inside joke we have. I really work for Rawkus Records. He discovered and signed Mos Def for several years."

"Oh Jay stop.'re Just playing. It's a personal trainer."

"Well, not really."

"What do you mean, is not it? Have you done this for 20 years, as I thought."

"Yes, but I'm a strength and conditioning coach, working primarily with athletes and guys who want to be bigger, stronger and faster. No pussy both things."

"The 'pussy things?" What does that mean? "

"Umm ... I do not know ... sorry. Sorry. Nice to meet you, Kristin."

"Okay, so Kristin is really working out, so I give you two to talk. Kristin, ensure grid Jay, who knows a lot about training. She writes for a lot of magazines."

Note to self: Plan a significant return to Heather as soon as possible.

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"So, Jay, I've been trying to lose the last ten pounds and squeeze my lower abs and buttocks.

I do weights three days a week, take a training class an aerobics class and walk three miles every other day.

What else do you think I should do? I want a body like Jessica Biel. "

"Me too, me too. Did you see her ass lately? It's like J Lo with muscles.

My God, what I would do ... I mean ... Wait, what was the question? "

"That I have to do?"

"Umm ... maybe you eat less?"

"Not seriously."

"I kind of was serious. I see you need a refill on your drink, I get one?"

"It's okay."

"Okay, I'll be back."

On the way to the bar I notice my friend Ray standing in front of me.

"Is that girl Kristin behind me?" I asked.

"Do not"

"Good. Now, here's what I want to do. Staging a discussion with me and pushed me out cold."

"What? Are you drunk? Why?"

"We are beyond question mark. Please just do it for me like a friend and take me away. I can not stand it."

He gave me a big glass of straight vodka and told me to drink because he was not willing to throw a punch at me.

I did, and a minute later returned to Kristin appear.

"So, Jay, what do you think? Can you give me a training program that will help me get ripped and get booty bangin like Jessica Biel? I promise I will not waste time and do everything I say . "

I looked for an escape, but found nothing.

Having no other option, slugging my vodka and said, "Let's take a seat and I'll break it down for you."

// "Almost everything you read in magazines fitness of women is wrong." //

I want to stop reading immediately. As much as you may think you want and need information there really is not known. It's like asking how many girls her boyfriend slept.

You can think what you want and need that information, but you really do not know. And what happens when the issue occurs in your life? "

"Huh? What does this have to do with training?"


Jessica Biel in the Beach
Anyway, the first thing to understand is that there are some things you can do to change the way you look.

The word "tone" does not exist.

It is a reality and there is no definition of it.

You can only make a bigger muscle or make it smaller.

The same is true of fat cells; You can make them bigger or you can make them smaller. Is that.

You can not shape or stretching or toning a muscle or something.

So basically what every woman should aim to do is to build muscle and lose fat.

While the phrase "build muscle" scares some women who should not.

When the muscle it will end up looking better and burn more calories at rest is built, which means that will help you lose fat and get leaner.

While many women ask me about how to get a body like Jessica Biel, the crux of the matter is that none of them will come because they have a fear that they will end up looking like Hulk Hogan in a matter of weeks to avoid when weight lifting will really do anything.

This is a fear that is completely unfounded.

Women simply do not have the hormonal profile to build muscle at the same rate as men; now here near.

And trust me; It is not easy for most men. If it were, it would be much more muscular 250 pounds guys walking around.

// The principles that make up an effective program to build muscle for a man are exactly the same as those that make up an effective training program for women. //

100 % Actual Results

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"Jen gave me exactly every tool I needed to help recover my motivation and health. Thanks to her experience and guidance, I'm healthy and strong. I don't ever want to feel like that again and won't, because I'll always know precisely how to eat and train to feel wonderful!" - Margo Harris.